About Us

Welcome To CLN Energy Pvt Ltd.

Powering Green Energy Revolution

CLN Energy Private Limited, a subsidiary of Singapore-based CLN Energy PTE. LTD., is focused on driving the green energy revolution in India.

Headquartered at Noida, CLN has set up a world class facility of over 40,000 sq ft, and 20,000 Sq ft. in Pune to manufacture various end use lithium-ion batteries in India. CLN Energy is one of the leading green energy solutions provider with focus on EV components and BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems). Established in September 2019, CLN has a team of over 150 industry professionals who have strong experience in the BESS and EV component space. We are backed by an in-house team of R&D and design experts to help deliver innovative products.

Over the last year, CLN has served more than 500 customers with their lithium-ion batteries and helped multiple startups, set up their manufacturing units. We continue to innovate and create new business use cases to help drive the Atmanirbhar & Green Energy Initiative in India.


Initiating and implementing

To drive sustainable energy growth and create value for our stakeholders, by investing in people, technology and partnerships to ensure high quality products and solutions for our customers.



Initiating and implementing

To become India’s leading clean energy solutions provider for both mobility and storage applications, through lean manufacturing, effective supply chain and great customer experience.


Our values are inspired and truly explained by our motto and the acronym


We are highly passionate about our cause. We are empowered to do the right thing consistently and maintaining the already high standard we have set for ourselves. We do so by embracing honesty, fairness, respect, and safety


Focused to meet the customer needs and even surpass their expectations by having a detailed eye for understanding the customer needs and anticipating the near-future.


We put our hearts and soul to meet the customer needs with fervor and positive Can-Do attitude.


As leaders of change and future we understand our responsibility. Thus, we take ownership of our actions and their consequences.


Ours is a venture of change. We innovate. We improve. We excel. We aim to set standards of excellence and then challenge ourselves.